Matière première recyclée

Over the years, SOGEMAP has been able to adapt to its markets with brilliance and insight, providing the "right" solution every time.


To meet its production needs, SOGEMAP injects a large number of raw materials : 


  • PEHD / PEBD / PPC / PPH / PA / SEBS.
  • Of different grades and with different fillers, thus making it possible to provide the expected resistance and the desired final appearance for the manufactured product.


At the same time, and for nearly 15 years, SOGEMAP has chosen to adopt an eco-responsible approach, and takes particular care in the selection of its raw materials, both technically and environmentally.


We believe that the "right" solution must include the "right" consumption.


This is why SOGEMAP has opened its doors wide to raw materials derived 100% from plastic waste.


In this context, we can make the most of our expertise in the use of recycled materials and, at your request, give your projects an environmental dimension.